Why we don’t like diets and detoxes


Here at Sea to Sky we don’t believe in diets. At least not in the context of the ones that claim you will lose weight, after all the word diet just means foods that we habitually eat.

In our food pages you will find recipes that we enjoy, and we hope you will like them too. We will not make any claims that they are good or bad for you. We will claim that they are delicious!

Why don’t we like diets? For a start they don’t work, at least not in the long run – and worse of all, they put you at war with your own body.

The diet industry flourishes on the idea of an unattainable perfect body, and upon the self-loathing of our perceived imperfect one.

The diet industry is worth £2 billion to the UK economy and $64 billion to the US. Yet obesity rates keep on rising, so the proof is in the results. Diets don’t work.  

Nether does Detoxing. Detoxing is all about ‘purifying’ yourself and getting rid of all the ‘toxins’ in your body. For a start your liver and kidneys have this covered that’s their job – want to give your liver a bit of break then don’t drink alcohol for a little while and sip on water not fizzy drinks. Also juice detoxing or cleansing can be bad for you as many of these premade detox drinks can have a huge amount of sugar in them. The only detox we may advocate is an occasional digital one.

We will never write about, or indorse, any diet or detox products, and will only write about food in context of our philosophy below.

Eat a bit of everything but not too much, stay away from overly-manufactured and packaged food, and exercise – ideally outside.

Oh, and don’t beat yourself up over having that sneaky biscuit… it’s really not the end of the world and there are more important things to worry about!

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