SOLE Insulated Response Footbeds

These SOLE footbeds are designed to add comfort and support to your body from your feet up. The footbeds mould to your feet so every pair is a custom fit.

There are 2 methods to molding the footbeds: first, you can place the footbed in your shoe and wear it. After a few day it will mold to your unique foot. Or you can bake the footbed in an oven for 2 minutes at 90 C. Once baked remove and place into your shoes and stand up straight while wearing them. After about 2 minutes your feet will be toasty and your soles will be moulded.

I went for the slow 2-3 day break in method, mainly because I was concerned about standing incorrectly and being stuck with a slightly off mould of my feet. (I doubt this would happen, but I went with caution nonetheless.)

After about the second day the mould was working well; it had engulfed my foot and was now supporting the arches of my feet not just the pressure points. That distribution of pressure took a little getting used to, and was a little uncomfortable on the softer part of my foot, but after a couple of days it felt normal.

SOLE say that the health benefits of using their footbeds are:

  • Custom orthopedic support
  • Equalized pressure distribution
  • Reduced plantar fascia strain
  • Increased balance and feel
  • Improved natural heel cushioning

I have been using the footbeds for about a month and I can say it ticks all of these boxes. When properly moulded they make a huge difference. I have them in my hiking shoes (which I also use daily). I have noticed that my feet don’t hurt after a long walk or hike — as much as they use to anyway. My grip and footing has also improved. This, I think, is because now my foot doesn’t slide around the shoe at all.

I really like these Sole Insulated Response Footbeds — they improve any shoe. Especially for any sport or hiking shoe where your feet are going to get a bit of a pounding. I am looking forward to trying them in my snowboard boots this winter to see what impact they have. They cost £45 a pair, which I think is a fair price, but I probably wouldn’t buy them for every pair of shoes I have. If you take a sport seriously, particularly one where you are on your feet, I would recommend trying these out. You will be being kind to your feet and body by using them.

If I have sparked your interest, you can check them out at

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