REVIEW: Shades of Winter: Pure – A female Freeskiing Film

Shades of Winter: Pure
A female Freeskiing Film by Sandra Lahnsteiner

PURE, the second film of Shades of Winter series, is an all-female freeski movie premiered on Red Bull on October 10th.

The boundary-pushing film sees the likes of Camilla Berra, Silvia Bertagna, Emma Dahlstrom, Janina Kuzma, Caja Schopf, Evelina Nilsson, Melissa Presslaber, Matilda Rapaport, Nadia Samer, Nat Segal and Nadine Wallner take on some of the gnarliest big mountain back country the world has.

The highlight of PURE was watching Melissa Presslaber climb Presanella Northface in Italy. She climbed all the way up just to ski back down, with only 10cm of snow covering the ice. The shots were inspiring and were all about her skill and endurance. Another highlight was Nadia Samer taking on the Whistler backcountry on her snowmobile. It’s the first time I’ve seen a girl do such awesome ticks on the machine.

Producer Sandra Lahnsteiner, who also appeared in the film, taking on the mountains of Haines, Alaska said, “My big goal is to establish Shades of Winter as a platform for female athletes from all over the world to share their passion and showcase their skills.”

This film is a massive step forward for women in freeski movies. The girls go big and take on tough, inspiring challenges. PURE is visually stunning and has some of the best cinematography I’ve seen in any freeski film.

PURE is truly all about the skill and talent of the girls who took part. At no point were there any bum-shots or any skiing in inappropriate clothing. The film makers and the sponsors fortunately didn’t stoop that low to get hits — they let the girls’ shredding, the deep powder, and spectacular scenery take centre stage.

Best of all, watching it made me want to hit the slopes, which is what every ski or snowboarding film should make you want to do.

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