Review: Shock Doctor Ankle Support

Sea to Sky try out the Shock Doctor Ankle Support.

In the last two years I’ve seriously got into running. It all began after moving to Vancouver, Canada, from London, where all anyone seemed to do in my local park was run. I’d also started to put on weight and wanted to do something about that. I’m rather goal-orientated, so I decided, along with a friend, to sign up to the Vancouver Sun Run – a 10k which takes in some of the most beautiful parts of Downtown Vancouver. Training for this was not easy; I’d never really run before. I struggled with regulating my breathing, and endurance does not come naturally to me – but after a lot of perseverance I became hooked. Since that race I have done another two 10k and now I am looking for another challenge.

I was supposed to take part in Man V Mountain, a challenge that should have seen me running from Caenarfon to the top of Snowdon and back down again; but after not reading the preparation email properly I made a bit of a booboo and couldn’t take part. I was incredibly upset and angry with myself, and that will teach me to read the email correctly. Unfortunately, during my training for it, I kept getting injured. I sprained my ankles three times and kept on getting shin splints – no amount of rest seem to get rid of them, and my left ankle in particular was causing me no end of trouble.

So, when Shock Doctor offered to let me try out their ankle support sleeve with compression fit, I jumped at the chance, hoping it would help my poor ankle and maybe even improve the shin splints. The ankle sleeve is made out of N-Tex compression neoprene and terry lining – meaning it’s soft and gives a better fit. When I’ve worn it on my trail runs in the Sefton dunes, or in the hills of Snowdonia, I’ve found it to be comfortable – so much so that I barely notice it’s there. What I did notice, however, is that after two or so miles I’m not in pain. It seems to have also helped the shin splits, as I was much further in my four mile run before I noticed any pain. All in all, a big thumbs up. Now all I need to do is find the next challenge.

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