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Burton Girls, All Day, All Night, All Time

It’s got to that time of year again where Summer has gone into hiding. Autumn has settled in and got comfortable, and the only thing to look forward to is the fact that the mountains around the northern hemisphere will soon be covered snow.

For us in the United Kingdom, that means sitting in front of your laptop, painfully searching for ski and snowboard deals, holiday packages, hotels, chalets and flights that are possible over the next 6 months. All while simultaneously cursing anyone you know living in any mountainous regions of the would (for us it’s our friends and second families in Vancouver and Whistler….. damn you all!).

Once a location and time have been decided, along with whatever hefty deposit paid, it’s time to go through your gear. You’ll need to ask yourself ‘will my binding last one more season?’ or, ‘I put off buying a new board last year, maybe its time to get a new one’. In a lot of cases, it may just be ‘oh that new Lip-Stick Burton Board really is pretty cool. Can I justify it?’ (before you realise you can’t justify it but buy it regardless, and yes it is just so pretty!).

As we all go through these motions, we thought we’d give you a little bit of inspiration. and have a look back at Burton Girls 2015/2016 web series ‘2016 Burton Girls Presents: All Day, All Night, All Time’. Let’s see if that can’t get you excited.


Burton Girls All Day, All Night, All Time
Teaser Trailer

Burton Girls All Day, All Night, All Time
Episode 1

Burton Girls All Day, All Night, All Time
Episode 2

Burton Girls All Day, All Night, All Time
Episode 3

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