Funniest Ski Run Names

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but some ski runs have some ¬†funny, rude and just plain weird names. Here is a selection of some of the best we have found.

Conifers of Gnarnia Glades

If you love Narnia – you’ll appropriate this just don’t hit any of the conifers on the way down.
Revelstoke. British Columbia, Canada


Cougar alley -Big White

If you are in Big White in British Columbia you’ll know where to find the cougars.
Big White, British Columbia, Canada


kill the banker - revelstoke

Says it all really.
Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada


Dirty little corner - Banff Sunshine resort

I wonder what goes on there…
Sunshine Resort Banff, Alberta, Canada


Big Doo Doo - Alyeska Resort Alaska

Alyeska Resort, Alaska, US.


Willy's - Aspen Highlands

Because we are still 12 year-olds at heart. he, he ,he!
Aspen Highlands, Colorado, US.


Glory Hole - Alta Utah

I wonder if this means the same thing in the US as it does in the UK?
Alta, Utah, US.


Climax - Mamoth resort California

Does doing a double diamond give you a climax?
Mammoth Resort, California, US.


Big Woody - Revelstoke

I wonder how big?
Revelstoke, British Columbia, US.

Beer Belly - Red Mountain

We thought this was just silly.
Red Mountain, British Columbia, Canada.



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